Tierra Resources

Wetland RestorationLand trusts can play an important role in the wetland carbon market. Wetlands owned fee simple by land trusts may qualify to receive carbon offsets if wetlands are being actively managed to achieve wetland restoration and conservation. A new revenue stream from wetland carbon offset credits complements sustainable management practices and can provide the opportunity to fund stewardship and the acquisition of new land and conservation easements. In addition, land trusts are able to serve as conduits to introduce landowners to the benefits of carbon markets. In doing so, local landowners practicing sustainable wetland management are able to receive additional revenue streams to help sustain their property that provides many co-benefits to the region at large.

How does Tierra Resources work with land trusts to develop wetland restoration and carbon offset projects?

Our team of wetland restoration and carbon finance experts work directly with land trusts to identify opportunities to generate carbon credit revenue from fee-simple-owned wetlands, as well as from wetlands owned by landowners with which they have relationships. Tierra Resources will determine if a property qualifies to receive carbon offset credits, the number of carbon offset credits they can expect to receive each year, and the current market value of their carbon offset stream. If a project is deemed to be financially feasible, Tierra Resources secures funding to have a project developed and approved, manages the implementation of the wetland restoration practice, and, in conjunction with the landowner or land trust, determines when and how to sell the wetland carbon offset credits.

To learn if your property meets the eligibility criteria or find out how to participate in a project with no cost or obligation, contact us.