Tierra Resources


About Tierra Foundation:  Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, Tierra Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 2016. Tierra Foundation focuses on climate mitigation, climate adaptation, resilience, wetland restoration, and integrated water resource management.  Tierra Foundation aims to improve quality of life and the environment by combining scientific and technical expertise with entrepreneurial innovation to develop market-based solutions for landowners, corporations, nonprofits and government entities.  A key goal is to further the achievements of Tierra Resources with no limitations on who can be served.

Tierra Foundation’s mission is to foster scientifically-sound research and practices that increase resilience by improving the environment in which people live.

Specifically in Louisiana we have worked to address the land loss crisis that the State faces with research and implementation of the black mangrove air seeding project. This project physically reinforces fragile and threatened saltwater and brackish marsh areas with the introduction of new plant growth. Using crop dusters for air seeding rapidly establishes black mangroves to protect communities from hurricanes at a much reduced cost.

We address the effects of climate change by:

  • Implementing community-based strategies to restore and maintain coastal ecosystems
  • Developing alternative funding mechanisms to implement water management and resiliency projects
  • Providing education and outreach on ecosystems, water management, and resiliency projects
  • Creating career opportunities to ensure there are qualified individuals to fill the growing need for sustainable jobs through career training initiatives
  • Understanding and articulating the many complex factors that improve people’s lives through enhancing the environment in which they live


Photograph by Rush Jagoe